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Dean Devlin

Executive Producer/Director

An acclaimed writer/producer of blockbuster films and highly rated television projects, Dean Devlin serves as chairman and CEO of Electric Entertainment, the full-service film, television and new media production company and studio he founded in May 2001, which also houses Electric Post, the state of the art digital effects and post production facility.

Over the last twenty years, Devlin has co-written and produced some of the most successful feature films of all time.  He co-wrote and produced Stargate, Godzilla and Independence Day (which grossed over $800 million worldwide). More recently, under the Electric banner, Devlin produced the World War I action/adventure Flyboys, Eight Legged Freaks, Cellular and the critically acclaimed documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? Just prior to forming Electric Entertainment Devlin produced the Mel Gibson period drama, The Patriot, which was nominated for three Academy Awards.

In television, Devlin currently Executive Produces “Leverage,” the action-packed TNT series starring Oscar®-winner Timothy Hutton.  Devlin also Executive Produced “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear,” starring Noah Wyle (“ER”), which was the highest-rated movie on cable of 2004; its sequel, “The Librarian: Return to King Solomon¹s Mines;” and the third installment of the franchise, “The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice,” which all aired on TNT. With Bryan Singer he executive produced the Emmy-winning Sci Fi Channel project “The Triangle,” the channel’s highest-rated miniseries since “Steven Spielberg Presents Taken.”  Devlin made his directorial debut on the pilot for “Leverage,” which premiered on December 7, 2008 to critical acclaim and record-breaking numbers. He also directs several episodes throughout each season of the series. Devlin is currently Executive Producing season four of “Leverage,” which begins airing this June on TNT.

Recognized as a leader in digital entertainment, Devlin created the first movie marketing website in 1994 for the theatrical release of Stargate; commissioned the development of a multi-player Independence Day online game, which was packaged with the 1996 film on DVD; and developed the first webshow in 1997, in partnership with Intel, for the Fox television series “The Visitor.”