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10 Hilarious Twitter Accounts you Need to Follow

10 Hilarious Twitter Accounts you Need to Follow

If you are someone that regularly spends a lot of time on the internet, then you probably have spent quite a lot of time on Twitter. Twitter is known for its fantastic content creation made by everyday people who just love to use the platform. If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the site then you may be starting to get bored of your usual posters and there is no wonder why, as when you log in and see the same person posting all of the time it can be very boring.


Don’t worry, we have your back. If you are someone that wants inspiration for your own Twitter account, then you may want to look at some other funny accounts to try and improve your own. However, remember that if you can’t replicate any of the accounts below, you can buy followers for twitter here. Here are 10 hilarious Twitter accounts that you absolutely need to follow.

Saw Account

If you are someone that loves the saw franchise, then you are bound to love this Twitter account. It is important to note that this account is not actually owned by the Saw franchise and is instead owned by a big fan who interprets the events of the movies in hilarious ways.

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan is an American comedian that has built up his career by appearing on various talk shows and sitcoms. What people love about Leslie is the way that he shares his opinions of the events of the world, he also loves some good old-fashioned country music and he loves to perform it on his Twitter.


If you are someone that loves short comedy videos, then you will absolutely love KKKihra’s Twitter account. She posts short skits and Tiktoks that are bound to make you laugh.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon’s Twitter is great, even if you do not particularly care about any of the content that he puts onto the site.  Gordon spends a lot of time engaging with the fans and something that they all love it when he reviews the meals that his fans make as his opinions can be very harsh.

Mark Ryan

If you want controversial opinions as well as hilarious memes, then you absolutely need to follow Mark Ryan. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and he has taken on some of the world’s most controversial characters.

Trixxie Mattel

If you love drag and queer culture, then you have to follow Trixxie. Trixxie posts hilarious content every single day and also has her own makeup brand, so if you want to know what is going on in the world of cosmetics then you should follow her Twitter account.


Katya is Trixxie’s best friend and she also has an incredibly funny internet presence. If you like interesting content and quirky videos, then you need to follow her Twitter account.  She has a lot of quirky characters that can often be seen poking out of her wardrobes and closets and she loves embracing everything that is weird and wonderful.

Michael Jackson Update

Have you ever wondered what Michael Jackson is up to right now? Yes, we know he is dead, but this hilarious Twitter account operates with the purpose of updating the world of this exact fact, which is funny for those of you with a morbid sense of humor.

Big Ben

If you follow this account then do not expect to find long detailed posts. Every hour on the dot, this account posts some sort of variation of the noise that Big Ben makes. Nobody knows who runs the account or why they run the account, but it has been around for a number of years and has gained a large following.

Cat in the Sink?

This Twitter page is hilarious due to the simplicity of its content. All that this page posts are various pictures of a cat in a sink. They welcome submission to this page from anyone that may be a cat owner, so if you have a cat and a sink then be sure to get your submissions in as soon as you can.

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