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Are we Becoming Addicted to Receiving Likes on Social Media

Are we Becoming Addicted to Receiving Likes on Social Media

There is no argument when it comes to questioning the popularity of social media, particularly in recent years we have seen a significant increase in the amount of social media users on a daily basis. Social media can be a very positive thing with many users having an account for the simple reason of connecting with friends and updating people on what has been going on in your life however, there is a dark side to almost every social media platform with many people seeking popularity through the form of likes and subscriptions to their pages. A high percentage of Instagram’s users were found to have invested in fraudulent followers and likes on their social media feed to make it seem like they have had a sudden increase in popularity when this simply isn’t the case. Many people would question the reasoning that goes through a person’s head that they feel the need to purchase likes in order to seem more popular online.


Buying Likes on Youtube

Youtube is a video streaming platform which follows a similar format to most social media platforms, content creators upload a feed of videos in order to gain subscribers and likes on their content. The world of youtube has undergone significant change through the fact that it has created very well paid careers for some of the world’s best video creators. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Youtube has become a very competitive place in terms of generating an income.


As Youtube has turned into a business for many people there has also been a huge increase in the number of people buying likes and subscriptions to appear popular and eventually help increase the amount of money they make. Many people would argue that this strategy is unfair to those who show commitment to building their following legitimately and by creating high-quality videos for their fans.


However, there is another side to this dilemma with many arguing that buying likes on YouTube allows smaller influencers to become more recognized and speed up the process of increasing a creator’s followers. YouTube likes can often be bought from providers like, to help smaller channels get the recognition they deserve for their creativity.


Why do people turn to these methods?

Due to the fact that social media has turned into such a huge enterprise for content creators and social media influencers all around the world, social media has become a place that is rich in competition against other influencers for brand partnerships and other opportunities to make a living. Nothing is guaranteed in this line of work so people are much more likely to turn to underhand tactics that can help give their career a boost. Unlike other professions where you may have a contract guaranteeing your weekly hours, being a social media influencer will only be a successful career if you appear to be popular on your platforms. Brands are more likely to do partnerships or offer sponsored posts to people that are going to target a large demographic so buying followers is going to increase those chances.


Whether or not using tactics like these are ethical, it will continue to be done for a long time, there are people out there who like to achieve success by buying their way through life, and there are others who prefer to put effort into their work and build a legitimate career and following for themselves. The social media page has evolved into something far more complex than being a place to share family moments and is now being used as a means to create careers, as the market gets more crowded we are only going to see a further increase in the number of underhand business tactics as a way to get more likes.

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