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The 4 Most Successful Canadian Artists of 2020

The 4 Most Successful Canadian Artists of 2020

Canada is a place that is very rich in history and culture, and the art scene is no exception to this with the art scene in Canada growing with new faces every year. Art is very important to Canadians with many events all over the region and throughout the year where people come together to celebrate Canada’s most famous artists old and new. In 2020 we faced a lot of uncertainty with art being forgotten as people’s lives grew more stressful, now that we are coming out of that awful situation it is time to celebrate the most successful artist to come from Canada. 


Rick Genest

 Rick Genest’s sad death was very hard on everyone, he had become such a well-known and well-liked public figure and artist it was very sad to lose his presence. Rick was possibly most famous for his impressive world record for his full-body tattoos but he was in fact a very talented and well-established artist with many fans of his work. Genest was most successful within his work for Lady Gaga and Mugler for whom he was artistic director, his pieces ranged from clothing to pieces of physical art but it is safe to say that one thing was consistent. His style was uniquely his own and instantly recognizable, which is why he must go down as one of Canada’s most successful artists even to this day in 2021.  


Emily Carr

Emily Carr is another great artist who is unfortunately no longer with us, although the fact that she is still being mentioned in artistic journals and articles to this day shows the effect and the standard of her work. Carr worked on the more traditional medium of acrylic and oil paints focussing primarily on landscapes she discovered on her travels around the world. It is not very well known that Emily Carr was from Canada but her legacy as an artist and historical influencer for our region is why she is worthy of a position on this list and why she is still referred to in the year 2021.  

Bryan Lee O’Malley

 A more recent artist who has taken the world by a storm in 2021 would have to be top cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley, his work as a very uniquely styled cartoonist has earned him many accolades as Canada’s most popular cartoonist three years running, his most famous work would have to be his illustrations for the popular children’s book series Scott Pilgrim. Bryan was recently involved in a Canadian art showcase in central Canada which was commended for their professionalism and quality of service, especially when it came to the on-site cleanliness, the company behind them did exceptional work so if you are looking for any form of cleaning service visit maid bunch. 

Norval Morrisseau

The final artist on this list who was a very good artist to come from the Canada area would have to be Norval Morrisseau, his exotic interpretations of what could be considered the landscape were something that could not be created by anyone else. He had an exceptional use of color and used his unique perspective on what the world was like to create some amazing psychedelic style pieces of art that are worth a lot of money now. It was a very sad day when he died in 2007 but the fact that his work has lived on just shows the quality and individual qualities he carried not only within himself but also his artwork, if you are not familiar with this amazing artist I would urge you to look into his incredible story and journey as an artist.  

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