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The Community That Ran a Town-Wide Game of Night Tag!

The Community That Ran a Town-Wide Game of Night Tag!

The community of Kawana was overrun last week with a game of night tag that seemed to run throughout the whole town and its residents, in what appeared to be an event in the name of harmless fun, close to a hundred residents were seen chasing each other through the street playing a huge game of tag. People of all ages took to the street to enjoy themselves in a much-needed game that developed into a team-spirited event. Eyewitnesses on the ground recall a small group starting the game with their flashlights to help evade and capture other participants, in the excitement more and more people began to join in the fun and ran to the streets to enjoy themselves.


Recapturing Childhood

There was a nostalgic atmosphere in the air with the hot weather and hundreds of people running up and down in crazed excitement, never before has such an event been seen with what seemed to be total strangers having vast amounts of fun together with no conflict at all. The game lasted for hours with more people joining the later it got, and the game hadn’t fizzled out until the early hours. What started as a small game soon grew into a town-wide event with people of all ages and backgrounds just enjoying the simple pleasure that comes with a game of tag. Usually played by small children, it was surreal to see the older residents and parents running up and down the streets almost as if they were reliving their childhood.


The town was alerted to the event thanks to the lights shining past the houses as people began to bring flashlights with them to help see what was going on with the game, there have been talks of a town-wide game of tag becoming a weekly event seeing as people enjoyed it so much. You may want to purchase yourself a decent flashlight to ensure you can be safe whilst playing the next game of night tag. There are many specialist stores around if you need an edc flashlight, and most general stores will sell weaker alternatives.


A Real Community

The local authority commented on the game, saying that as long as people were being safe and sensible there is no reason why the game can’t continue, however, if people decide to take advantage and use the supposedly fun orientated event to act out malicious actions they would be dealt with swiftly. Although you would expect the town-wide game to cause distress for some residents, this wasn’t the case at all with even the older neighbors sitting out in their gardens socializing with people and just enjoying the upbeat atmosphere. The randomness of what happened is truly surreal, never before have so many strangers come together in the name of having a good time playing something as simple as Tag.


Seeing so much fun being had by everyone involved just shows how community orientated the town is, the fact that an unplanned event such as this went ahead issue free, restores faith in the fact that people are capable of enjoying a simple pleasure without the need for negativity. So long as this attitude is maintained there is no need why a game like this cannot become a regular occurrence. The display of solidarity amongst the town has generated ideas for more events in the future, with talks of a voluntary events committee being formed to help organize any other town-wide games that can be put together, these are optimistic times for the town with much more fun to be had in the coming weeks.

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