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Why Are Relationship Therapy Shows Suddenly so Popular?

Why Are Relationship Therapy Shows Suddenly so Popular?

Relationship therapy shows have suddenly become one of the most popular genres of show. A few years ago, there weren’t many relationship therapies shows airing, and not as many people used to watch them as they do currently. Over the last year, people have been watching more tv shows and movies than ever before. Streaming relationship therapy shows has become very accessible and thanks to spending most of the year in lockdown people have had much more free time at home and many have chosen relationship therapy shows to fill their time. In the past, most couples therapy shows would only get a 1 season contract, and more often than not the show would not be renewed, however, now many couples therapy shows are being given a second season. The number of viewers watching couple therapy shows has increased by over 100%, more than doubling how many people are now enjoying these shows. Many people are wondering why these shows have suddenly become so popular, we’ve delved into this so if you’re curious keep reading to find out the most likely reasons. 

For Advice

After being locked at home together for most of the previous year many couples are struggling in their relationship. Therapy is also quite expensive so many couples cannot afford to get couples to therapy themselves and see couple therapy shows as educational. There is a lot to learn from a couples show and lots of viewers have said that they’ve heard about issues similar to their own on a couple’s therapy show and have benefitted from the advice. With each couple being different on these shows many different issues get explored and the therapists in these shows are some of the best therapists so it’s great to get advice from them. They’re experts in their fields so they know much more than the average person, they discuss many things to do with relationships including the importance of the 5 different love languages, as this is such an important part of any relationship, if you want more info about the 5 love languages then there will be plenty online and even fun quizzes to figure out what your love language is. The 5 different love languages are so important as some work well together and some will clash, knowing what your and your partner’s love languages are means that you can learn a lot about your compatibility. 

Best Relationship Therapy Shows

As relationship therapy shows are growing in popularity, this means that more people are seeing the interest and starting to create couples therapy shows themselves. Some of the newer shows are not as high quality as they’ve been rushed to finish filming while the trend is still hot. So, you don’t waste your time with relationship therapy shows that aren’t great we’ve found the best ones for you. The most highly rated relationship therapy shows are ‘Couples Therapy’ and ‘Couples Counselling’. 

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