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Sophie Devereaux


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Finale of Leverage

Top Moments from the Series Finale of Leverage

Leverage may have ended a couple of years ago, but the show is still garnering a lot of response. The crime series was rolled in for five seasons with the first episode hitting screens on 7 December 2008. But the main topic of discussion or the episode that caught everyone’s attention was “The Long Goodbye Job”. As a finale, it was remarkable and people were quick to compare the same with other hit TV shows. Considering that the buzz around the same is intact, we decided to look back at a couple of moments that defined the finale. Hence, go ahead and take a look at all of them.


1. Nate Informs Agent Casey that he knows he isn’t in a hospital


It’s quite hard to forget a character like Nate as he was cool and a keen observer. The main man of the Leverage group was always a ahead of the rest, although many didn’t seem to think so. When he was in custody, he went on to display a lot of emotions while answering Casey’s questions. Since he has to make it look like his team is actually dead, he goes ahead to handle the situation with ease by doing what he does best. So when she finally asks him how he was able to tell he wasn’t in the hospital, things become serious, and we are exposed to a scene that will be remembered forever.


2. Nate and Sophie


Whether you like it or not, Nate and Sophie do form a great couple and that was finally put into question when Nate proposed to her. That particular moment was beautiful as fans tend to rewatch the same. It was an ideal way to end the hit series, and the formation of this union created a better form of clarity for the rest. While it was all carried in a subtle manner, things turned out to be unique, and everyone was glad that it happened. So all our applauses go for this particular formation and the establishment of love.


2. Nate and Sophie


3. Nate and Parker


The scene with Nate and Parker on the roof is another memorable one that highlights an important moment. Nate’s working out how Parker is going to zipline from the theatre roof to the roof of the Highpoint tower. She specifically wants to know why he’s letting her in on this part, including the aspect of planning. But by letting her in, Nate also shows that he trusts Parker’s judgement and that she will be ready when he passes the torch to her. Due to all that, the scene stands out, and the moment talks about a number of concepts that only true fans will understand.


Characters of Leverage

The Cast and Characters of Leverage

Spinning across drama, action, crime, fiction and comedy, the hit series, “Leverage” had all the right ingredients to keep us entertained for a couple of years. Be it the six-member team or the many aspects that revolve around them; the series knew how to keep people engaged and entertained until the very end. One among the many ways that they made this possible was through a star cast that included talented individuals who were able to fit into the character. So as a move to shed credit where it is due, we are here to look into the cast and characters of Leverage.


1. Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton)


Nathan was an essential part of the group who offered audiences with moments of surprise and happiness. His sharp mind and the ability to think beyond a point was a massive advantage to the group, as it made everything seem easy. The only reason the performance clicked was because the makers brought on board the talented Timothy Hutton. The actor is known for experiments, and with Nathan, he took things to a whole different level.

1. Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton)


2. Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman)


It’s quite hard to think about anyone else to play the role of Sophie Devereaux as Gina Bellman went ahead to handle things with perfection. The Coupling star carried Sophie Devereaux with ease and helped people celebrate the character as an essential part of the show.


3. Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane)


American Star Christian Kane was popularly known as the lead singer of the country-southern rock band Kane. When he made his appearance with movies and TV shows, people were quick to take notice as he appeared in Leverage. Hence, the great Eliot Spencer will never leave our minds.


4.Parker (Beth Riesgraf)


Before Beth Riesgraf made her presence in Stranger Things, she was popularly known as our favourite character in Leverage. Apart from bringing out the right kind of emotions, Parker also went on to create an environment that was beneficial for the show.

Parker (Beth Riesgraf)


5. Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge)


SAG-award winning actor, Aldis Hodge has been successful in creating a dynamic career that included variety and highly rated shows. His portrayal of Alec Hardison in Leverage and MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton are notable characters that everyone loved.


6. Jim Sterling (Mark Sheppard)


Mark A Sheppard or Mark Sheppard was the perfect addition to Leverage as Jim Sterling. Although he appeared in a small number of episodes, he did manage to appeal to the audience thanks to intense ability to transform.




The cast list of Leverage goes beyond these names, and they have all been a part of something amazing. Thanks to them, fans now have a show to binge-watch for the rest of their lives.