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The 5 Hottest Tech Brands Everyone is Talking About


Apple is known as one of the world’s biggest tech names and with their constant release of new upgrades for all of their products, it is not hard to see why. Apple has everything a tech lover will need from laptops to tablets, phones, and smartwatches. Apple has grown to become one of the most recognizable tech names to enter the industry. They have a fresh approach to technology and have managed to create a huge reputation for themselves, creating very high-quality professional standard devices to help people in their daily lives.



Sony is a tech brand which isn’t often talked about, their huge range of technological devices for all over the home are very reliable and high quality. Sony retails many different gadgets including mobile phones, speakers, headphones, and televisions, their brand is well known in the industry and has been commended for their high sound quality headphones and speaker systems. With such an innovative team ensuring their innovative devices are manufactured to a professional grade and that everything works as it should, Sony has been recognized as being one of the best companies for high-quality customer service and should get recognition as a mainstream tech name in the industry.



Samsung is another tech company that offers a wide range of home technological devices for all over the house, with a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, kitchen appliances, and others, there should be something to meet your needs on their online shop. Samsung is a recognized brand within the technology industry and is well known for offering a competitive price point for a high-grade gadget. Their products can be found through a variety of retailers so ensure you shop for any special offers to ensure you get the best price.


Harman Kardon Onyx Studio

If you are in the market for a reliable Bluetooth speaker then the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio range is one of the best money can buy, the battery life is powerful, the speaker has a high sound range and every one of their models is compatible with most smartphone devices with Bluetooth. When you look at the onyx studio 5 and 6 compared with other models on the market you will find that most do not meet the specifications of the onyx speakers in terms of sound quality and battery life.



The final tech brand worthy of a position on this list would have to be Bush, they are well known for creating high-quality sound equipment and speakers. The brand is probably most known for its recording equipment with Bush recorders being used within the professional music production industry for many years. The thing that sets this brand apart from others that are currently available is that they try and keep a classical feel to their technology, although what is inside their gadgets is being upgraded the outer aesthetic keeps within a traditional retro style that no one else is really doing.

How Buzzfeed Became One of the Most Popular Sites Ever

Buzzfeed is a social media page that has been posting high quality content for many years now, they post a range of different things and the site has now grown across multiple platforms and pages. Buzzfeed is very unique through the fact that they have a large team each contributing to the huge variety of content that they post on a  daily basis, from news to food videos to arts and crafts, Buzzfeed covers it all in a light hearted and easy to read format. This page has on;ly grown in success as the years have gone by with the amount of subscribers only increasing, with social media playing a huge part in our lives you begin to question what it is that made Buzzfeed so popular ?


News Platform

Like many other social media pages people use Buzzfeed as a source of world news, they cover a wide range of events including some pretty unique stories that may not be covered by any other news outlet. As they are providing something that cannot be found anywhere else online it is no surprise that Buzzfeed has the huge following that it does. Buzzfeed news is in my opinion a source that can be trusted to give an unbiased account of world events in a detailed manner, they are providing a service to people in a way that is light hearted and without any malice, which I’m sure we can all agree is a positive fresh approach compared to other negative presences on social media.


Review Videos

Another useful service that may contribute to Buzzfeed’s popularity would have to be their review videos, covering a wide range of product categories Biuzzfeed regularly post review videos detailing new and innovative products on the market. With the visual aid of the video format these videos not only cover whether or not a product is worth the money, but Buzzfeed also put a lot of effort into giving a demonstration to show how a product should be used within real life situations. Covering a range of categories such as housewares, health and beauty, technology and more, the videos are easy to watch, often very comedic and actually provide useful information when it comes to buying a new product.


Food and Drink

Buzzfeed is very well known for creating high quality and delicious looking food videos, so much so that they have now created a whole page dedicated to Buzzfeed food. The great thing about Buzzfeed is that they are very inclusive with a whole range of different cuisines and spreading word about other cultures. Buzzfeed is a great platform to discover something new and that may as well be a new delicious meal for you and your family to give a go. Their videos are easy to follow and very aesthetically pleasing showing delicious food that can be easily made by you at home. Buzzfeed are probably the most well known food video providers on social media so you can be sure that you can trust their videos and make a lovely meal.


Online Quizzes

Buzzfeed are also known for their online quizzes, have you ever wondered which Disney Princess you are most like or maybe you’re wondering which Hollywood star you would be based upon your characteristics. These quizzes are fun time killers which have proven to be very popular in recent years, Buzzfeed are constantly posting new and interesting quizzes so there should definitely be one on there for you. Taking TV and movie favorites is a very clever way of getting more people onto your social media pages, it not only provides a fun activity to do in those times that you are very bored but also allows people to think about old classics they used to watch as a child. Some people also turn to Buzzfeed quizzes to help within their real lives, with options like the does he like me quiz and which restaurant should you visit quiz, Buzzfeed has found a way to influence our choices within the real world.



A final reason as to why Buzzfeed has seen a huge amount of success could be down to the simple fact that they provide high quality entertainment through comedy, with constant posts on a daily basis including funny videos and new memes Buzzfeed is providing genuine comedy on a daily basis. In times where things may not be going so well it can be a huge comfort to see a funny post on social media. As this platform is online once you see a funny video it is likely that you are going to send it to all of your friends to enjoy, with that in mind Buzzfeed truly has the power to bring happiness into multiple peoples day simply by posting funny content.

The 5 Greatest Documentaries about Aquatic Life

Two-thirds of the earth’s surface area covered with water. The world’s oceans are still a compelling mystery to us, with some of the most interesting creatures living underwater and a vast amount of it is unexplored, this is one of the best topics for an interesting documentary. Documentaries on aquatic life vary greatly from the most colourful freshwater fish to terrifying bull sharks, we’ve found the best 5 for you to watch.


The Blue Planet

Blue Planet is a small documentary series based around the aquatic life in the ocean. It is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and featured Piers Brosnan. It took 5 years to film this series over 200 different locations. The footage included some never seen before aquatic life, this was the first time the Grimpoteuthis and the Caulophryne Polynema were caught on camera. At the time of filming it was the most expensive documentary ever made. It was so popular that it has a sequel, Blue Planet II.


Big Pacific

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean, covering one-third of the earth’s surface area. It is also the deepest and most mysterious ocean. Big Pacific takes you on an adventure to explore what is hidden in these mysterious waters. It is narrated by Daniel Dae Kim and covers a range of locations and topics including the feeding habits of the aquatic life, the violence, and the challenges they face when trying to find food. It’s one of the most informative documentaries we’ve seen.



Sharkwater is a thrilling documentary about one of the most feared aquatic animals there is. It’s narrated by the famous conservationist Rob Stewart. Stewart believes that sharks are misunderstood and misrepresented so teamed up with Paul Watson to make this documentary. Their aim was to show that sharks have a non-violent nature and to bring to light the effects of the illegal fishing industry. This documentary is a great watch as it’s exciting from start to finish.


Mission Blue

This documentary is slightly different and a very inspiring one. It follows the life of oceanographer Sylvia Earle. She was fascinated with wildlife as a child and it never faded, she went on to complete a Ph.D. in marine algae. She did this during a time when it was almost impossible for a woman to achieve a career in science, which is amazing to see. She spent thousands of hours underwater over her 60 years in the field, and this documentary shows the best of her incredible footage.


A Plastic Ocean

This documentary was released in 2016 and helped to raise awareness of the problem that plastic pollution is causing. People in 2016 weren’t as aware of the issues it causes so what started as a documentary about whales quickly turned into a documentary exposing the problems. It also offers many useful strategies to help combat the devastating effect that plastic is having on our oceans and the wildlife in it. The documentary makes it clear how important recycling is and lowering our plastic consumption.

Why Movies Based On Video Games Always Seem to Fail

It has been an eternal struggle in the modern movie industry to find a video game that could be well adapted into a successful film. From the golden age of video game adaptions in the 90’s to the high-budget but barely profiting titans of recent years.

There is a huge breadth of titles out there, with giants such as Sonic and Mario portrayed by high profile actors and even smaller franchises like Dead or Alive finding their time on the big screen. So, with all this huge pedigree coming out of one of the largest and by far the fastest-growing media industry out there, you would think that making some serious money out of adaptions would be child’s play. Some of the greatest movies of all time were adapted from books and comics, so why should video games be any different? Unfortunately, a respectable profit is almost unheard of from any video game movie, and critical success is even rarer. But why could this be?



A long history

It all started in 1993 with the infamous Mario movie. It’s hard to know how to make a movie out of a property that, at the time, had very little in the way of story or even big-screen visual appeal. A huge part of the appeal of Mario is in the simplicity and raw gameplay, the main thing that distinguishes videogames from movies as an art form. So how can you adapt between these two opposing concepts? Well, someone down the line decided that Dennis Hopper in a lizard costume was the way to go and the market immediately rejected it. Similar perplexing decisions would be made through the years, giving us Jean-Claude Van Damme as Street Fighter’s Guile and the perplexingly extensive Resident Evil film series. Nintendo even joined up with Todd Holland to create a separate video game movie called Wizard, which boiled down to a 100-minute trailer for Super Mario Brothers 3, even featuring gameplay tricks to give gaming kids more codes to success than any movie has ever before or since.


What to Adapt?

Throughout this niche industry’s life, there have been many different approaches to this adaption. Some try to take the extremely limited story presented in a platforming or fighting game and shoehorn a half-baked plot into it and call it a day. Others take only the characters from the game and try to build a unique story around it. And the Warcraft movie even tried to adapt the expansive story of the original Warcraft game into a relatively short film. All these approaches repeatedly failed, but one has a lot of potentials. As has been proven time and time again in both the movie and the video game industry, the story structures of the two mediums are completely incompatible. One can only work with short and direct plots with defined plot structures, owing to most films being around the 90-minute mark and even the longest films barely exceed 4 hours in length.

Video games, on the other hand, require elongated stories that can take anywhere from 10 to 100 hours to complete, and often the story will differ in at least some small way between different playthroughs. There certainly are game stories that could be adapted to film, such as with the (theoretically) upcoming Metal Gear movie, but examples of these are extremely limited. Building a film from the characters, however, could be a very good bet.


A Route to Success?

The latest video game movie to come out was the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Though marred with controversy since its announcement trailer, the end product ended up being an acceptable movie. If it wasn’t tied to a video game property it would have been nothing special whatsoever, but even more than the Warcraft movie, Sonic managed to cobble together a legitimate movie by taking the well-established characters of the property and writing a story that was completely separated from the franchise.

This allowed them to write it as a movie first and an adaption second, allowing the entire team a huge amount of creative freedom to just write a movie instead of having most of their ideas dictated by something from an unrelated medium. Creating a standalone product will always be the way to go with any sort of adaption, and until more production companies realize this, video game movies will likely continue to fail as they always have.

What is the Best Speaker System For your Car

Whether your vehicle is a 25-year-old cruiser or a brand new Fiat, it’s very rare that the manufacturer’s stock speaker system is good enough to meet all of your needs, especially if you are the kind of person who finds themselves reading this article. It’s easy enough to say that your car stereo isn’t good enough, but how do you decide which is best? It can be easy to get bogged down in researching Bluetooth units and reviews of double din head units, so here’s a couple of tips on the sorts of features you might want to look for in a new speaker system.


Sound Quality

This may seem like a very obvious point, but it is always a prime factor to look out for. Even higher-end cars come with sub-par speakers and basic stereo units. It should always be a top priority when trialing or browsing speaker systems to listen for any tininess or vibrations while music is playing. This can immediately alert you to bad quality speakers or even stereos.


Integrated Display

On the other side of the spectrum from a necessity to an increasingly useful, if slightly extravagant, feature. Many speaker systems, especially the modern din head units now feature smartphone integration in their displays, allowing you to see key information from your phone as well as control it using touch or voice controls. With how useful GPS directions are and how important controlling your music can be, it is very important to be able to have a free range of your phone’s features while keeping with today’s ever-strict laws on using devices while driving. Getting a system with this integration will almost always also put you in a range of all-around great systems, as it is a slightly higher-end feature to have.

How Many Movies Have Filmed Scenes in Florida?

Florida is often called the sunshine state. Famous for being home to Disney World, producing some of the greatest oranges on the planet, and having some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere. There are hundreds of beautiful places to snorkel near clearwater in Florida. And every year millions of tourists descend on the Kennedy space center to get the real astronaut experience.

And it’s no wonder that a state as beautiful as Florida would attract a lot of attention from the outside world. And this includes attention from the world of show business. You won’t be surprised to learn that a lot of movie studios have trekked down south to film their movies in Florida.

But just how many movies have actually been filmed in Florida? Whether that be a few scenes or perhaps an entire motion picture. Join us as we examine the rich history of film that Florida has to offer us.


The Party Vibe

Florida is one of the hottest spring break destinations in the united states. The beaches make for a fantastic backdrop to the never-ending parties the swarms of students bring with them. Plus Florida’s citizens are known for being accommodating and just as willing to party.

Because of this, a lot of movie studios will head down to Florida to film scenes or films that are based around partying on the beach. You will often see a lot of teen comedy movies that are shot on Florida’s beaches. In fact, some of the American Pie movies have featured Florida. Another notable movie that was filmed entirely in Florida is the movie ‘Spring Breakers.’


Oscar Worthy

You might be surprised to learn that Florida has also produced some Oscar Worthy films as well. The popular movie ‘Moonlight’ was entirely filmed in Florida. Following a young man growing up in Miami, this movie took the cinema world by storm when it debuted.

Speaking of Miami, you have most likely seen hundreds of movies that make use of the stunning Floridian city. Miami Vice is heralded as one of the most successful TV shows in TV history, and a lot of that success is because of the stunning backdrop.



The Florida coast is also one of the richest in terms of aquatic life. And the swamps and marshes of Florida are teeming with life. This is why Florida has featured in countless nature documentaries. David Attenborough has sent his diving teams and documentary crews off into the ocean to observe the abundant aquatic life in its natural habitat.

This is one of the biggest boons for Florida. Documentaries are often great news for the communities that reside near the areas of interest and the state government. For the local communities, these documentaries offer a rare insight into the area around them and often provide tips on how they can better care for the environment. They also carry out a free risk assessment and document any dangerous creatures lurking around.

On the state level, documentaries provide a lot of positive press for the state. This is great when it comes to boosting tourism and also helping them acquire funding and grants to put into environmental protection agencies and studies.


As you can see, Florida is a state that has graced the silver screen thousands of times. But most people hardly realize they are even looking at the sunshine state. So next time you see a lovely beach in a film or watch a documentary about some exotic sea-life, do a bit of research and you’ll probably realize you are watching Florida.

Are we Becoming Addicted to Receiving Likes on Social Media

There is no argument when it comes to questioning the popularity of social media, particularly in recent years we have seen a significant increase in the amount of social media users on a daily basis. Social media can be a very positive thing with many users having an account for the simple reason of connecting with friends and updating people on what has been going on in your life however, there is a dark side to almost every social media platform with many people seeking popularity through the form of likes and subscriptions to their pages. A high percentage of Instagram’s users were found to have invested in fraudulent followers and likes on their social media feed to make it seem like they have had a sudden increase in popularity when this simply isn’t the case. Many people would question the reasoning that goes through a person’s head that they feel the need to purchase likes in order to seem more popular online.


Buying Likes on Youtube

Youtube is a video streaming platform which follows a similar format to most social media platforms, content creators upload a feed of videos in order to gain subscribers and likes on their content. The world of youtube has undergone significant change through the fact that it has created very well paid careers for some of the world’s best video creators. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Youtube has become a very competitive place in terms of generating an income.


As Youtube has turned into a business for many people there has also been a huge increase in the number of people buying likes and subscriptions to appear popular and eventually help increase the amount of money they make. Many people would argue that this strategy is unfair to those who show commitment to building their following legitimately and by creating high-quality videos for their fans.


However, there is another side to this dilemma with many arguing that buying likes on YouTube allows smaller influencers to become more recognized and speed up the process of increasing a creator’s followers. YouTube likes can often be bought from providers like themarketingheaven.com, to help smaller channels get the recognition they deserve for their creativity.


Why do people turn to these methods?

Due to the fact that social media has turned into such a huge enterprise for content creators and social media influencers all around the world, social media has become a place that is rich in competition against other influencers for brand partnerships and other opportunities to make a living. Nothing is guaranteed in this line of work so people are much more likely to turn to underhand tactics that can help give their career a boost. Unlike other professions where you may have a contract guaranteeing your weekly hours, being a social media influencer will only be a successful career if you appear to be popular on your platforms. Brands are more likely to do partnerships or offer sponsored posts to people that are going to target a large demographic so buying followers is going to increase those chances.


Whether or not using tactics like these are ethical, it will continue to be done for a long time, there are people out there who like to achieve success by buying their way through life, and there are others who prefer to put effort into their work and build a legitimate career and following for themselves. The social media page has evolved into something far more complex than being a place to share family moments and is now being used as a means to create careers, as the market gets more crowded we are only going to see a further increase in the number of underhand business tactics as a way to get more likes.

8 Of the Greatest Talkshow Moments in TV History

In this article I will be giving the limelight to eight of the greatest talk show moments in modern TV history, handing over the stage to these women who shot back at Hollywood misogyny.


Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has been a feminist and political icon for decades; with her exercise video that brought her to fame, to lending her house to the Black Panther organization during tense moments in American equal rights protests. Jane Fonda is a brilliant woman.


Even today, Fonda continues to protest for what she believes in and doesn’t have time for those who would waste hers. The specific event of which I speak is the interview on Megyn Kelly Today, where Kelly asks Fonda a particularly inappropriate question: ‘…you admit you’ve had work done… I read that you felt you’re not proud to admit that you’ve had work done. Why not?’. Fonda, handing this rude question with her usual grace, answered, ‘We really wanna talk about that now?’. Kelly, laughing along with the audience, realizes her mistake and follows Fonda’s lead in steering the focus back to the reason for the interview; the new film Fonda is staring in. Snaps for Jane Fonda.


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has forever been at the unappealing end of sexist questions. Each time she deftly puts the interviewer in their place makes light of their question, which garners laughs from her colleagues and audiences, and makes everyone present aware that she is not the least impressed with being asked these sexist questions. One of my favorite interviews where she swiftly makes her thoughts on the statement known is in an interview alongside her cast member Samuel L. Jackson.


During the interview, the host makes the statement ‘That’s what women do though, isn’t it.’ Johansson immediately inhales, probably not believing she has to keep doing this. ‘There’s always a good woman behind the camera.’, continues the host. Johansson jumps in with, ‘Or in front of, on the side.’ The host, hopping back in states,‘Either way, looking gorgeous.’ Johansson says, ‘Thank you very much. Well, you know what that’s. – I can also be used as a sparkly object to distract the spirit… he’s just like, “look at this shiny thing”, yeah.’ Johansson makes it very clear she’s not pleased with being demoted to “pretty thing at the side of the screen”, putting the host rightfully in her place.


Another one of Johansson’s interviews clearly shows what Johansson thinks of sexist stereotypes towards women and girls. She reinforces that we can be the best at sports, and can get the besten bastel geschenke für mädchen, and not have to adhere to the stereotypes we’re assigned.




On a red carpet interview, Rihanna was asked ‘What are you looking for in a man now?’. Rihanna glares at this reporter and says, ‘I’m not looking for a man. Let’s start there.’ We love Rihanna. Can we clap, please?


Emma Watson

During an interview on her new film Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson conveys an anecdote where ‘They were saying that I couldn’t be a feminist… and have boobs… Feminism… is about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality… I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it. It’s very confusing.’ We love Emma Watson for being blunt, standing up for feminist rights, and educating us all.


Simone Biles

Simone Biles, a professional dancer, was called upon not smiling when compliments were given to her; ‘I was waiting for you to smile at some of the comments; you didn’t.’ ‘Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.’ Snaps for Simone Biles, for telling the world that women don’t owe you any reaction and breaking the myth that we’re demure.


Serena Williams

Serena Williams has faced so much sexism during her sporting career; from being unjustly critiqued on the court, unnecessarily gendered on wins, and even the subtle versions of sexism, that sometimes hurt the most. Williams states, ‘I would really like to thank Sports Illustrated for recognizing me not just as sportswoman or sports of the year, but just sportsperson of the year…’. You’d think it was a simple recognition, but this means everything. Keep on winning, Serena.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was sexually harassed on the red carpet and then in an interview was asked ‘…what’s the lesson learned from something like that…’. Hathaway swiftly responds and expresses her disappointment; ‘… I was very sad that we live in an age which when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it and do the decent thing, sells it and I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which brings us back to Les Mis because that’s what my character is…’. Hathaway steers the interviewer back to the important topic and the same time brilliantly tells him what she thinks. So many snaps for Anne. Thank you.



4 Fantastic Gadgets to Liven up Any Home

2020 Has become the year of staying in. Our entire world has become our homes. So it makes sense to spruce up your world as much as possible. And, to that end, we are taking a look at 4 great gadgets you can use to add a bit of variety and wonder into your home. We teamed up with nononsenseninja to make sure we are showing you only the best gadgets out there.


Dualit Juicer

Nothing tastes better in the morning that freshly juiced juice. But it is a luxury most people seem to ignore. Yet the benefits of it are astounding. That’s why the Dualit Juicer is the perfect addition to any kitchen. And with a more than reasonable price tag, you won’t have to break the bank either.



The robot revolution is upon us. And a lot of household chores are slowly being automated. The Roomba will eliminate the need to hoover your own floors. And the kids will delight watching this simple tool gobble up any food scraps they drop.

These devices might air a bit more on the pricey side, but they pay for themselves in time saved.


Chocolate Fountain

Who doesn’t like chocolate? And what better way to have it than from a fountain. For anyone with a family or someone who hosts a lot of events, this is the perfect addition to your kitchen table. Slap out some marshmallows, strawberries, and other bits, and you’re on your way to a good evening!


Neon Sign

Add some serious ambiance into your room with a classic neon sign. Get that big city feeling from the comfort of your own living room. Neon tech has become so cheap over the years. So you can rest assured you can find a poster or sign that is to your liking for dirt cheap.

The Community That Ran a Town-Wide Game of Night Tag!

The community of Kawana was overrun last week with a game of night tag that seemed to run throughout the whole town and its residents, in what appeared to be an event in the name of harmless fun, close to a hundred residents were seen chasing each other through the street playing a huge game of tag. People of all ages took to the street to enjoy themselves in a much-needed game that developed into a team-spirited event. Eyewitnesses on the ground recall a small group starting the game with their flashlights to help evade and capture other participants, in the excitement more and more people began to join in the fun and ran to the streets to enjoy themselves.


Recapturing Childhood

There was a nostalgic atmosphere in the air with the hot weather and hundreds of people running up and down in crazed excitement, never before has such an event been seen with what seemed to be total strangers having vast amounts of fun together with no conflict at all. The game lasted for hours with more people joining the later it got, and the game hadn’t fizzled out until the early hours. What started as a small game soon grew into a town-wide event with people of all ages and backgrounds just enjoying the simple pleasure that comes with a game of tag. Usually played by small children, it was surreal to see the older residents and parents running up and down the streets almost as if they were reliving their childhood.


The town was alerted to the event thanks to the lights shining past the houses as people began to bring flashlights with them to help see what was going on with the game, there have been talks of a town-wide game of tag becoming a weekly event seeing as people enjoyed it so much. You may want to purchase yourself a decent flashlight to ensure you can be safe whilst playing the next game of night tag. There are many specialist stores around if you need an edc flashlight, and most general stores will sell weaker alternatives.


A Real Community

The local authority commented on the game, saying that as long as people were being safe and sensible there is no reason why the game can’t continue, however, if people decide to take advantage and use the supposedly fun orientated event to act out malicious actions they would be dealt with swiftly. Although you would expect the town-wide game to cause distress for some residents, this wasn’t the case at all with even the older neighbors sitting out in their gardens socializing with people and just enjoying the upbeat atmosphere. The randomness of what happened is truly surreal, never before have so many strangers come together in the name of having a good time playing something as simple as Tag.


Seeing so much fun being had by everyone involved just shows how community orientated the town is, the fact that an unplanned event such as this went ahead issue free, restores faith in the fact that people are capable of enjoying a simple pleasure without the need for negativity. So long as this attitude is maintained there is no need why a game like this cannot become a regular occurrence. The display of solidarity amongst the town has generated ideas for more events in the future, with talks of a voluntary events committee being formed to help organize any other town-wide games that can be put together, these are optimistic times for the town with much more fun to be had in the coming weeks.